Our Businesses

Glogma Resources Limited is a multidimensional company that cuts across diverse sectors of the Nigerian economy. We are involved in several business ventures which cover the following range of businesses:-


Commodity Trading remains our core area of competence. We trade an array of commodities that are in demand locally and globally. These commodities are commercially available in Nigeria and across West Africa, this puts us at a vantage point to deliver a seamless supply chain service. We have alliances with order stakeholders and industry executives in order to achieve our goals. We trade both agro commodities and solid minerals.


Over the years, we have established ourselves as a trading company with a great reputation, presently, we are raising the bar a bit higher from just being a trading company, into a trading and processing company. In the immediate, we have an MoU with a processing company to process soya meal for onward shipment to the United State of America. We have yet another market in the Netherlands we have developed. Our immediate market demand is in excess of 30,000MT of soya meal alone. This opportunity is going to poised us into the acquisition of a processing facility we intend to turn around for optimal performance in order to increase our volume of trade, before the eventual commissioning of our own ultra-modern facility, which is going to be the biggest and the best in West Africa, if not the whole of Africa.


Through our subsidiary, Glogma Farms, we will be initiating an out-grower scheme to cultivate soya beans on over 5,000 Hectares of arable land in Ekiti State South-West Nigeria. Harvest from this initiative with makeup good ratio of the feedstock of our facility. This initiative in collaboration with other stakeholders in the public and private sector will revolutionize the soya beans and soy meal landscape in Nigeria and across West Africa.


We have a major interest in mica and its associated minerals like beryllium ore, tantalite ore and Tourmaline gemstones. Other minerals of interest are gold, limestone, quartz, coal, lead, zinc among others. We have a couple of mica sites in Oyo State South-West Nigeria. It is our desire to explore these sites of its mineral and every other associated one.